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Reading: Effect of open-book exercise practice on closed-book tests results


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Effect of open-book exercise practice on closed-book tests results


S. Kyaw

University of Medicine, Yangon, MM
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Department of Physiology
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Introduction: The present study was on 2nd MBBS (1/2011 batch) students at the University of Medicine-2, Yangon, Myanmar. Self-learning ability of students is gradually declining and students tend to neglect reading prescribed textbooks. Test marks have also declined considerably. Students find it difficult to identify salient points when answering questions. Thus, the present study aimed to study the effect of open-book exercise practice on closed-book tests results. Objectives were to identify the students’ scoring of a closed-book written tutorial and to compare the changes in closed-book written tutorial marks after regular open-book study.


Methods: The study was carried out at the Department of Physiology, University of Medicine-2, Yangon, Myanmar for a period of one year. Students who attended the tutorial sessions were informed of the details of the study and 360 consented to participate. After serial interventions, results of 290 students involved in all tests were selected for analysis. In tutorial sessions, open-book questions and answers were studied by focusing on and critically analyzing the relevant chapter. The effectiveness was assessed by repeated closed-book tests after two or three chapters.


Results: The number of distinctions increased to 17% from baseline value (2%). The number of students passing the test increased to 36% from baseline (12%) and number of failing students decreased markedly to 47% from a baseline value of 86%. The students’ performance was significantly improved from baseline value after intervention (p<0.001). Percentage change of marks was 15.40% (after 1st intervention), 17.47% (after 2nd intervention), 24.55% (after 3rd intervention). Scoring percentage was highest in test-3.


Conclusion: Open-book exercise practices in tutorial sessions increase the marks in closed-book tests and improves the students’ performance.
How to Cite: Kyaw, S., 2015. Effect of open-book exercise practice on closed-book tests results. South-East Asian Journal of Medical Education, 9(2), pp.65–67. DOI:
Published on 28 Dec 2015.
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