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Reading: Application of computer aided teaching in conventional lecture class


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Application of computer aided teaching in conventional lecture class


Sukhendu Dutta

Sri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences, Patel Nagar, Dehradun – 248001, IN
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Department of Anatomy
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Background: Computer aided teaching (CAT) became popular in medical education but there is debate among the teachers regarding application of computer in a large group lecture class.


Aim of the study: The present study was aimed to find out the acceptance and use of CAT in a conventional large group lecture class along with black board assistance.


Material and methods: CAT was conducted in a large group lecture class of embryology. Related lined diagrams were drawn on the blackboard in front of the students. Students were given a Likert’s type three response closed end questionnaire to express their opinion at the end of the concerned system of embryology.


Result: Ninety-nine percent of the students expressed that the teacher should guide them on how to draw a lined diagram. Ninety-nine percent mentioned that emphasis should be given on the applied aspect of the topic. Ninety-six percent of students’ opinions were that at the end of each lecture, summary should be either given as a hand out or be allowed to take notes. Ninety-three percentage of the students mentioned that computer aided teaching is beneficial, 86% expressed that hybrid approach of teaching, provoked further study of embryology, 91% mentioned that the teacher should inform which books to be used as reference for further studies.


Conclusion: The study result suggests that CAT is applicable in a large group lecture class. It is better to adopt hybrid approach of teaching for equal involvement of teacher and students. It is necessary to the inform students regarding the importance of concerned topics and expert teacher give the students proper guidance.
How to Cite: Dutta, S., 2011. Application of computer aided teaching in conventional lecture class. South-East Asian Journal of Medical Education, 5(2), pp.60–63. DOI:
Published on 28 Dec 2011.
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