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Reading: Graduate perception on the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum


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Medical Education in Practice

Graduate perception on the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum


I. M. Karunathilake ,

Faculty of Medicine, LK
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Department of Medical Education
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H. P. M. C. Gunawardhane,

Faculty of Medicine, LK
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Department of Medical Education
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G. T. S. V. Somaratne,

Faculty of Medicine
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Department of Medical Education
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N. W. G. L. T. L. Dias

Faculty of Medicine
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Department of Medical Education
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Introduction: Graduate perception is supreme in assessing the effectiveness of the Undergraduate medical curriculum. The curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo consists of the Basic Sciences Stream, Applied Sciences Stream, Community Medicine Stream, Behavioral Sciences Stream and the Clinical Sciences Stream. Quality assessment and improvement programs similar to this study are undertaken routinely to ensure optimum teaching.


Objective: To assess the perception of recent graduates regarding the overall MBBS curriculum, outcome of the programme and career goals, administration, services provided, infrastructure and opportunities.


Methodology: The study population consisted of 198 graduates with a response rate of 66.1%. A routinely used self-administered questionnaire was used.


Results: Majority of participants had a positive impression regarding the overall MBBS programme (96.2%). Overall agreement regarding the academic curriculum was that the learning outcomes, teaching activities and examinations matched appropriately in all streams. While it was suggested to focus more on clinically relevant subjects throughout. The final year professorial clerkships were identified as stressful by a considerable proportion of graduates, but it was highly dependent on the discipline. However the ability to manage emergencies and the satisfaction with the programme were rated as positive overall. Majority was satisfied with the examination procedure although a proportion of students have also agreed that they had been treated unfairly by the examiners.


Conclusions: Graduate’s perception is that it is optimum if more clinically relevant theory is taught in integration with the clinical appointments. Measures need to be taken to reduce stress and increase time available for self-studying specially during the professorial appointments.
How to Cite: Karunathilake, I.M., Gunawardhane, H.P.M.C., Somaratne, G.T.S.V. and Dias, N.W.G.L.T.L., 2022. Graduate perception on the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum. South-East Asian Journal of Medical Education, 16(1), pp.59–68. DOI:
Published on 21 Sep 2022.
Peer Reviewed


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